Authorities are going to Kill Hundreds of Wild Bison

Wild bison in Yellowstone National Park are being captured in Stephens Creek bison trap. These bison were born in the wild in one of the America’s most famous national park. The herd in Yellowstone national park is one of the last wild bison herd in the country and considered as a national treasure. Forty-four bison have been captured and hundreds more will be caught in the coming months; later these wild bison will be killed.

There was a time, in 1902, when there were only about two dozen wild bison left in the Yellowstone national park. The main reason for decreased population was hunting and poaching. It took about a century to bring the wild bison back from the brink of extinction successfully. But then ranchers, who were raising livestock in Montana, claimed that a disease brucellosis which is carried by the Yellowstone bison herd is causing miscarriages in the cattle. Originally, the bison had actually caught the disease form the cows.


“Disease has never spread from buffalo in the wild to domestic cattle. Anyways, all the female cows in the region are required to be vaccinated against the disease. – Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC)”


An Interagency Bison Management Plan was created by eight different agencies in 1995. The plan stats that the park can have only 3000 bison and the extra bison will be sent to slaughter. To maintain the number of allowed bison in the park, 1600 bison were killed in the winter of 2007 to 2008. Currently, there are about 5500 bison in the park; so 2500 bison will have to be killed to maintain the population at park. The NPS has proposed a quarantine program for bison where as the state of Montana and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service have opposed this lifesaving proposal.


“It’s really complex and if there were a simple solution, we would have fixed it already. – Marty Zaluski, state veterinarian for the Montana Department of Livestock”


Source: The Dodo