The caeciliidae are amphibians. They resemble worms or snakes. They are found in America, Africa and India. They are also known as naked snakes. This is one of the snakes that start with alphabet C. Below are fast facts.

  • Type: Amphibian
  • Higher Classification: Caecilian
  • Conservation Status: Least concern
  • Weight: Up to 1 kg
  • Length: Up to 5 ft
  • Number of eggs laid: 2 to more than 100
  • Incubation Period: Not known
  • Average life span: Not known
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Preys: Insects, worms, small snakes
  • Predators: Snakes, birds, driver ants
  • Habitat: aquatic, soil, stream


There are many species with different conservation status. Some are data deficient, some least concern; some of them are endangered and others are critically endangered. Their mouth is under their snout and they have strong jaws and lots of teeth. They use their head to burrow into the ground. Males and females look the same. Some species lay eggs while other give birth to live litter.

Detailed information can be found from EDGE and WikiPedia