The callimorpha is a genus. It currently has single specie named callimorpha Dominula. It is commonly called as Scarlet tiger moth. It is one of the insects that start with alphabet C. Below are the fast facts.

  • Type: Insect
  • Higher Classification: Callimorphina
  • Conservation Status: Least concern
  • Wingspan: 45 – 55 mm
  • Incubation Period: short
  • Average life span: Unknown
  • Diet: herbivore
  • Predators: Birds, snakes, lizards, spiders, frog, monkeys
  • Habitat: Fens, marshes, river banks, rocky cliffs


It is a colorful butterfly of Europe, Turkey and Iran. It flies by day and can be seen in May and June. Its larvae feed on different herbaceous plants. Comfrey is the favorite plant of scarlet tiger moth. It has developed mouth parts; which allow it to feed on nectar. Its wingspan is from 45 to 55 mm. Its incubation period is short. Its average life span is currently unknown.

Detailed information can be found from WikiPedia and the book “International Wildlife Encyclopedia, Third Edition”