The dace is a small fish. There are many species that are called daces. Usually it refers to the common creek chub. This is a freshwater fish found in eastern US and Canada. It is one of the fishes that start with alphabet D. Below are the fast facts.

  • Type: Fish
  • Scientific name: Semotilus atromaculatus
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
  • Length: 5 – 7 inches
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Number of eggs laid: 25 – 30
  • Ideal water temperature: 1.7 – 32 Celsius
  • Ideal water PH: 6.0 – 9.0
  • Average life span: Up to 8 years
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Preys: Worms, Insects, Larvae, Snails
  • Predators: Human, Fishes, Birds
  • Habitat: Rivers, Streams


The creek chub varies in size and color. It depends on the origin of fish. It can live in different extreme environments. It also shows different behaviors at different ages. Juveniles stay at the edges of the pool while adults stay within their territory. Juveniles feed early morning and adults feed after afternoon.

Detailed information can be found from WikiPedia