Exotic Pets ownership banned in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has outlawed the keeping of exotic pets, like tigers or lines, as pets. Owing an exotic pet is a status symbol for some people but now they will face fine or jail; or both. A lot of pictures are circulating on social media where tiger is being shown on the back seat in a car or the pet is sitting with the owner. A recent video showed 5 tigers walking on a beach in Dubai.  The officials are concerned about the dangers posed by freely-roaming wild animals.

“Only zoos, wildlife parks, circuses, breeding and research centers are entitled to keep wild or exotic animals. The public is urged to report cases of wild animals being kept as pets. – Gulf News”


The new law states that if any person takes his exotic animal out in public, he will face up to six months in jail and a fine of up to 500,000 dirhams. If anyone uses his exotic animal to terrorise people, he will face jail term and/or a fine of up to 700,000 dirhams. The law imposes a life sentence for owners whose pet kills a person. The law bans dealing and ownership of all types of wild and domesticated but dangerous animals.




The new law also imposes jail and/or fine on dog owners if their dogs are not vaccinated or the dogs are not restrained by a collar and leash when on public place. All dog owners have to buy a license from local authorities and vaccination before mid June else they will face a fine ranging from 10,000 dirhams to 100,000 dirhams. The new law, The Law on Regulation of Ownership of Dangerous Animals, took effect immediately. Previously, the UAE was a big market for exotic pets and most of the wild animals were being imported from the Africa.

Source: Gulf News