Galbulidae – Jacamar

The galbulidae is a family of tropical birds containing 18 species. They are commonly called as Jacamars. They tend to live in low-altitude woodlands, forest edge and canopy. This is one of the birds that start with alphabet G. Below are the fast facts.

  • Type: Bird
  • Common Name: Jacamar
  • Scientific Name: Galbulidae
  • Conservation Status: Least concern
  • Weight: 17 grams – 75 grams
  • Length: 5.5 inches – 13.4 inches
  • Number of eggs laid: 1 – 4; usually more than 1
  • Incubation Period: little is know; 19 – 26 days for rufous-tailed jacamar
  • Average life span: unknown
  • Average wing span: unknown
  • Total Population: unknown
  • Top Speed: unknown
  • Diet: Insectivores
  • Preys: Insects, especially dragonflies, bees, butterflies and moths; great jacamar occasionally preys small lizards and spiders
  • Predators: unknown
  • Habitat: Tropical forests
  • Distribution: Central and South America


They have a glittering body with a long tail in most of species and some of them have a square tail. They have long, thin and sharp bills. They have short wings so the wingspan is short to fly easily in ferests. They all have short legs with four toes, two facing forward and two facing backward except one species, which has three toes, two facing forward and one facing backward. Males and females have similar brilliant plumage with minor differences. Males normally have a white patch on the chest. Conservation status for 1 species is endangered and 1 is vulnerable.

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