Guinness World Record Holder Freddy is the Worlds Tallest Dog

Freddy is a 7 feet tall Great Dane and has been officially declared as the worlds tallest dog by the Guinness world record officials. The owner of the dog, Claire Stoneman announced in an official Freddy blog post that the Freddy has the title.


“I got him a couple of weeks earlier than I should have done because he wasn’t feeding of mum, so he was pretty poorly. He was half the size of his sister Fleur when he was tiny so I had no idea he was going to be this big at all. – IBT”


Reports said that the organization recognized him as the living tallest dog in September 2016 but he was awarded and declared in December 2016. Freddy measures 40.75 inches tall officially and when standing on hind legs he reaches 7 feet and 5.5 inches. He is comparatively bigger than the average Great Dane which can be 30 – 34 inches tall. The owner spends around $123 on his food weekly and the dog likes to eat chicken roast or peanut butter on toast.



Huffington Post said that the Freddy’s measurements were close to the Zeus, another Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan. The Zeus was the world’s tallest dog before the Freddy. The Zeus was 44 inches tall and 7 feet 4 inches when standing on hind legs. Zeus died in 2011 at the age of 5 years. He is recognized by the Guinness as the tallest dog to ever live.


“Cars brake and stop to look at him. – Claire Stoneman, the proud owner of the worlds tallest dog”


The Great Dane is a large German breed of domestic dog which is known for its giant size. Their life span is only 6 – 8 years. They are devoted, reserved, gentle, friendly, confident and loving. Females are smaller than males. This breed is one of the tallest dog breeds.