New Species of Animals Discovered in 2016

A total of 133 new species of animals discovered in 2016 by scientists. These include spiders, ants, fishes, lizard and snake. It was not an easy task to find them. Researchers traveled through the dense forests, dived deep oceans and even climbed the mountains to find them. Most of the newly discovered species are already heading towards extinction and this is sad thing. However, they are some activists who are working to save the threatened species. Let’s see some of the animals discovered in 2016.

  1. Peacock Spider


There are several species of peacock spider. This one was found in Australia.


  1. Twilight Zone Groppo


This is the deepest-dwelling fish discovered and captured by humans until now. This was found in the twilight zone reef in the Philippines. It seems like that this specie is under threat.


  1. The Conception Bank silver boa


This snake is critically endangered and was recently discovered on an uninhabited island in the southern Bahamas. This snake is an addition to boa snake species after 73 years and now there are 12 species of boa snakes.


  1. Dracula Ants


This newly discovered specie of Dracula ants is endemic to Madagascar and sucks out the blood from larvae prey.


  1. Flasher Wrasse


This fish has eye-popping reds, blues and pinks and actually do flash like Las Vegas Strip. This flasher was found along Indonesia’s coral reefs.


  1. Giant Arapaimas


This is a big fish having a length of about 10 feet and weighting around 180 kilograms. It is hard to believe that this massive fish could escape everyone’s notice so long. It was found in the Guyana’s river.


  1. Sea Slug


This small and beautiful sea slug was found in the seas of California.


  1. Bright Colored Fish


This beautiful and brightly colored fish was found in the twilight zone where many species are still need to be discovered.


  1. Ground Spider


This dangerous looking spider was found in the Apopyllus centralis, Brazil.


  1. Cordylus Namakuiyus


This girdled lizard was found in the arid lowlands west of the southern Angola. Its tiny bony structure is rooted in the skin instead of the being attached to the skeleton.


Sources: National Geographic, The Sun and Oceana