These Rare Black Animals Actually Exist in the World

Black is a stunning color but how about black animals? Well, they look incredible. These rare black animals are very difficult to find. Some animals have many black members like dogs or cats but this list of rare black animals is not about them.

1. Black Panther


There are two types of black panthers. Black jaguars are called as black panthers in Latin America and black leopards are called as black panthers in Asia and Africa. Black Panther is basically a variant of any of the several species of larger cats. Most of the black panthers are captivated and being sold as exotic pets.


2. Black Rat Snake


Rat snakes are basically non-venomous snakes. Black rat snakes are endemic to central North America and are also non-venomous.


3. Black Fawn Deer


This deer is endemic to area around Austin, Texas and is very rare to find. There are two types of black deer; one is full black while the other type has small white dots.


4. Black Wolf


Black wolf is generally a grey wolf with black coat. Black wolf looks horrible.


5. Black Lizard


This black lizard is native to Australia and New Zealand and is a very familiar reptile in the area.


6. Black Horse


True black horses are very rare and hence costly. Black horses can be found in many different species of horses.


7. Black Seal


This ear-less black seal belongs to a big group of seals. These are called true seals and are semi-aquatic marine mammals.


8. Black Squirrel


The most interesting thing about black squirrels is that they are found in the areas where fires had been frequent.


9. Black King Penguin


Black king penguin is very rare and is considered as one of a zillion kind of mutation.  The first black king penguin was discovered in Antarctica in 2010.


10. Black Fox


The black fox is basically a melanistic form of red fox. Some black foxes are completely black while some black foxes are bluish-grey in color.