World’s oldest male panda died in China

Adios Pan Pan was the oldest male panda in the world. It was alive from the last 31 years in Sichuan Province, China. He was 30 years and 9 months old when the Doctors diagnosed that he has cancer. He took his breath on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. A keeper of Pan Pan told that he was ill badly and was not moving or eating for the last three days before he died.

Average lifespan of pandas in wild is only 20 years but Pan Pan lived longer as he was captivated. Pan Pan is a Chinese word which means hope and expectation. He lived his life in Dujiangyan base of the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda in Sichuan Province, China. He obeyed his keepers very well. He fathered more than 130 children and grandchildren. Currently, 25% of captivated pandas are his children and grandchildren. Pan Pan lived an active life whereas most of the pandas are lethargic. He was well known as panda grandpa. His life of 31 years is equivalent to 100 human years but cancer did not let him live longer.